Food Pantry
We support the local food pantry in cooperation with other churches and businesses in the community. It is available to individuals and families who find themselves in a time of need and live in the area. You may contact the church office for more information.


Holiday Outreach
We offer a ministry to Osceola area families in need during the holidays, including coats, food, boots, toys, etc. as a part of the community Toys for Christmas.


The United Methodist Women deliver Advent gift bags to the elderly and those who are shut in during the first week of Advent.


Prayer Shawls
Crocheted or knitted shawls are prepared by the congregation. These items are given to persons in need of comfort during an illness or as a gift of love.


Mission Trips
Mission trips to work sites are organized yearly by various groups in the church. Contact the church office for more information.


Meeting Space
Meeting space is provided for local non-profit groups to hold meetings and events. Donations are appreciated. Call the church office for more information or to schedule.